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Corrective Action and Preventive Action Using 8D (Disciplines)

Corrective Action/Preventive Action Using 8D (Disciplines)

This workshop provides participants with an effective approach for performing corrective action in response to internal or external quality problems.

Certificate awarded by Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College upon completion of required workshop attendance and exam.

Topics include:
Common errors in conducting CAPA investigations
Tools for identifying the proper root cause
Tips for using a team approach
Detailed coverage of using the 8D system for CAPA, including job aids, do’s and don’ts, and exercises.
Quality principles that ensure employees approach CAPA with the right mind-set.
Participants will complete a self-assessment to check their personal values and behaviors that are key to successful “ quality in” approaches.

Recommended Participants:  Those who need to gain an understanding of CAPA and do, or could, be part of a CAPA team’s efforts to improve quality following a quality/audit problem, or in response to a customer complaint. This includes:

Any employee, in-office or in operational areas, where quality improvement initiatives are needed
Managers/supervisors of business processes
Quality department staff; especially those who help lead CAPA teams

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