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Lean Six Sigma Certification Courses: Unlock Your Organization's Full Potential

Achieve operational excellence and enhance the efficiency of your workforce with our comprehensive Lean Six Sigma certification courses. With various belt levels and online workshops, we offer tailored training sessions to empower your employees in process improvement skills.

Lean Six Sigma Certification Levels and Courses

Our Lean Six Sigma courses are offered at various certification levels:

- Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
- Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
- Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
- Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (LSS only)

Select an appropriate course for your organization's goals from our range of [Curriculum-Schedule-Fees](link) and peruse our [Calendar](link) for upcoming session dates.

Lean Certification Courses - Streamline Your Processes

Maximize the efficiency of your organization with our Lean Certification courses. These skill-based workshops include: 

- Lean Yellow Belt Certification
- Lean Green Belt Certification
- Lean Black Belt Certification

Explore our [Curriculum-Schedule-Fees](link) for more details.

Interactive Live Online Lean Six Sigma Courses

Our live online training sessions are designed for busy professionals - allowing you to gain Lean Six Sigma expertise regardless of your location. Interact with experienced industry instructors, ask questions, and collaborate seamlessly during your certification course. Choose from our extensive catalog of online courses, including Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green, and Black Belt levels.

In-Person Lean Six Sigma Workshops - On-Site Training for Your Team

Maximize the impact of our Lean Six Sigma certification courses with in-person, on-site workshops for your organization. Our industry-leading instructors will come directly to your site and deliver tailored training for 10 or more participants, ensuring that your team gets the most out of their certification course.

Why Choose Our Lean Six Sigma Certification Courses?

Achieving Lean Six Sigma certification demonstrates your commitment to continuous process improvement within your organization. With our comprehensive courses, experienced instructors, and focus on real-world case studies, your team will gain the expertise needed to implement meaningful change.

Partner with us for your organization's Lean Six Sigma certification and unlock your team's potential through operational excellence. Visit OpEx90, Inc (www.opex90.com) for more information on our strategic planning, six sigma, and lean six sigma training courses, as well as our business transformation consulting management services.