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Easy Data Transform - the best no code, low code data wrangling software and best data wrangling tools made. If you need to merge, split, clean, dedupe, reformat, and more without coding Easy Data Transform can do it. You just need to try this app. It will blow your mind. Shortly, we will be posting data wrangling examples and a review of data wrangling tools. Easy Data Transform is also one of the best ETL tools available for the novice. There is no need to learn or do data wrangling with python.

What is Data Wrangling?
Data wrangling—also known as data cleaning, data remediation, or data munging—is a variety of methods that transform raw data into a format that can be readily used. These processes depend on the data being collected and the goal being pursued.
Data wrangling can be a manual or automated process. Manual data wrangling is usually done by people who don't work with data. Automated data wrangling can be done by professionals, like data scientists, or non-professionals with the right skills and access to appropriate software.
All analytics will be limited by the data they rely on. If the data is incomplete, unreliable, or faulty, then the analytical insights will also be imperfect — making it hard to get anything valuable from them.
Data quality management seeks to eliminate the risks of this by ensuring data is in a reliable state before it’s analyzed and leveraged. It makes it a critical part of the analytical process.

Minitab - statistical analysis software

Wizard - great Mac statistics package, it's easy peasy!

QI Macros - Lean Six Sigma Excel add-in that does more than statistics